Our Story

Hi! Hi!

We're founders and twin sisters Laura and Renee. We've always wanted to create our own company that collectively combined our personal penchant of party planning and bringing people together with our experience in buying, planning, and e-commerce. The Confetti Collective is a nod to who we are and how we got here.

As twins, growing up we were used to double: double the parties, double the celebration, double the fun! After realizing, though, that we could only plan so many parties for ourselves we started to look outwards - planning our sister’s baby shower, friends’ engagement parties, pet birthday parties, you name it. As we started to plan for others, we realized that people didn’t have the time or passion to curate their own events the way we enjoyed. This sparked an idea, and The Confetti Collective was born.     

Here at The Confetti Collective we believe there is always a reason to celebrate - no matter how big, or how small! We’ve curated the best of the best and featured a collective of small businesses that share a common goal of providing celebratory cheer.  

With a robust and always-rotating assortment of the most insta-worthy and bespoke party accessories, The Confetti Collective is your celebration destination. 

For all of life’s occasions, we say, cue the confetti!


Thanks for letting us be a part of your party,

Laura & Renee 

Photos of The Confetti Collective founders, Renee + Laura